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Tip 1 - Being Seen in the Search Engines

This seems to be the #1 internet topic I'm asked about. The job of the search engines is to quickly and efficiently link you to Websites of your interest, based on the "key words" that you type in.  If you have a Website and want your Site to be on the return list when someone is searching for a New Jersey lawyer, or a lawyer with your expertise, you must be properly registered with these Search Engines and have your Site search engine promoted. When internet users search for key words "new jersey lawyer(s)" at the top Search Engines, New Jersey Lawsite consistently comes up on the first page.  Being a member at New Jersey LawSite gives your website the maximum search engine presence it deserves! (When you purchase a Webpage at New Jersey Lawsite, or your "Own Domain" Website, your individual Site is registered with the top search engines, free of charge, giving your site DOUBLE the presence).

Tip 2 - Making The Most of E-mail

*To save time, put the e-mail addresses of those you frequently mail into your Address Book.

*If you have a newsletter or if you frequently e-mail messages to clients, use a mailing list.  In your Address Book you'll find an option to create a mailing list. Enter client names and email addresses. When ready to send your newsletter or email, simply type in the name of the mailing list in the "to:" -- it will be sent to everyone in seconds!

* Use a Signature file.  Instead of always typing your name and e-mail address at the end of every e-mail, use a signature file.  This is how it's done. 1) Go to "options" in your e-mail browser; 2) click "Mail & News Preferences"; 3) Click the "Identity" tab; 4) at the bottom will be the Signature File.  Type in whatever you want, and it will appear every time you send an  e-mail.  For more elaborate signature files (I have a 4-line one),   just create and save a file to your hard drive with the desired signature.   Follow the above steps thru Step 4, but don't type anything --  instead hit "browse".  Locate the file with your signature in it and double click.   You now have a professional signature line in all of your e-mails!

Tip 3 - Get New Clients!

Just having a Website isn't enough.  It must be properly registered with the search engines, promoted and advertised.  More importantly, have other Sites link to yours and -- I can't say this one enough -- belong to a referral group or directory!  Membership with New Jersey LawSite includes all of these important elements for New Jersey lawyers.  It's just another way of broadening your online business.

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If you'd like further information on becoming a member, or if you need professional web design, simply contact us  or click here for details to the best deal on the Web for New Jersey lawyers.


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