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law firm search engine optimization


Law Firm search engine optimization


We've been providing search engine optimization for New Jersey lawyers even before the term SEO was penned. What is SEO? Simply put -- search engine optimization -- it means to optimize your website so it pleases the search engines and thus, will give you a high ranking in their index. The very best form of optimization is a well-designed site that includes lots of informative content for your specific targeted audience. Anything else required? Sure -- most engines also like to see things like Meta Tags, incoming links, etc., but our theory has always been "Content is King". Do search engines ever change the way they rank sites? Yes, their parameters constantly change. And to complicate matters further, each engine has their own set of parameters! This is why its important to have a search engine optimizer working on and keeping constant watch over your site. 

That is why New Jersey LawSite has always had a Top Ten ranking at all of the TOP search engines -- since 1996! We keep it relevant and full of information for our targeted audience, keep it updated, and keep a constant watch over the ever-changing parameters of the search engines.  By being part of our Directory of listings, you automatically enjoy the high web visibility our site offers. Further, by having your individual site optimized will give you DOUBLE the web visibility.

How can lawyers make search engine optimization work for them?

  • Offer your target audience a relevant and informative website;
  • Have all of your pages optimized to be search engine friendly;
  • Keep constant tabs of current search engine parameters;
  • Work with a company who has 15 years Law Firm SEO experience!

Contact us for a free SEO evaluation of your existing site; consultation for a new website; or for membership to New Jersey LawSite.



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