NJ Lawyer Memberships

Are you a NJ lawyer looking for SEO and increase your web visibility?

Well, you’ve come to the right place. We’ve been doing just that since 1996 with our web directory inclusion and lawyer SEO. Get started now by contacting us with your needs.

Are you new to practicing law, a solo practitioner or a small firm and need a cost-effective starter website?

Again… you’re in the right place. For you we’re offering professionally designed websites at $2,000 and your first year’s membership with us is FREE!

What you get:

  • A professionally designed Homepage plus 5 linked pages;
  • Your choice of navigation link pages;
  • A Blog page, if desired;
  • A Contact Form with anti-spam;
  • One year’s FREE membership at NJLawsite. (a $250 value)

Already have a website? No problem.

When you become a member your listing links directly to your existing site. Again, we’re all about cost-effectiveness. We have been since 1996! Annual membership is $250

What you get:

  • A County Listing with link to your site;
  • 2 Practice Area Listings with link to your site;
  • Your own FAQs page;
  • Your own Article page;