Bankruptcy Articles by NJ Lawyers

Tragic Misconceptions About Bankruptcy
By Theodore Sliwinski, Esq.

Misconception #1: Bankruptcy is dishonest. Not true. Most people honestly want to pay their bills. (Continue)

Using Credit Wisely After Bankruptcy
By Virginia A. Fortunato, Esq.

“Disguised” Reaffirmation Agreement. Carefully read any credit card or other credit offer from a (Continue) 

Keep your Car and Save Money on it in a Chapter 7 Case Through Redemption
By Bruce C. Truesdale, Esq.

If you have a financed car and you are filing a Chapter 7 bankruptcy case, you have three ways (Continue)

Debtor May Extend Time to Redeem Property
By Bruce C. Truesdale, Esq.

Section 108(b) may be used by a debtor in a Chapter 13 case to extend the time to redeem property (Continue)